Build your custom Land Rover Defender 

With Rover Republic

From start to finish, we’ll reimagine the way you adventure — giving you a custom, expertly crafted Land Rover Defender that redefines the way you approach your life.

At Rover Republic, we transform the iconic Defender into a fully customized vehicle that you can adventure with for a lifetime — staying true to the original design and feel, but elevating it into a drive of limitless possibility.

The custom Land Rover Defender build process:

Start the journey with us, and we’ll dig into the adventure you’re visualizing — and take you into the world of custom Defenders built by Rover Republic. Each Defender we build is crafted in our Dallas, TX shop, and you’re welcome to come by and witness the magic yourself. Not local? We’ll send you a lookbook and talk through specs, possibilities, and visions with you.

There are limitless options available to you when customizing your Defender, and we’ll dive into the design and configurations before starting your build. Whether it’s changes to the drive train and fully customizing your suspension or it’s a highly-customized luxury interior and custom wheels, we can do it. The only limit? Your imagination.

Every Defender is re-built completely by hand in our Dallas shop and upgraded, crafted, and customized into an intentionally built, long-lasting, restored piece of art and machinery. We build each Defender with only the highest-quality parts, utilizing factory-original parts where we can and making smart, modern upgrades to the design. Each Rover Republic Defender receives a brand new galvanized chassis, bulkhood, body panels, and Puma steel doors, and each vehicle piece is painstakingly replaced, refurbished, refined, and upgraded to fit your adventure.

Maintaining the highest level of quality, safety, and craftsmanship is a primary focus for our team at every step of your custom Defender build — and we obsess over the smallest details as we go to ensure that every Defender meets our rigorous standards. Then, once your build is complete, your Defender will go through intensive diagnostic testing and road trials before delivery to ensure that it’s built to last and perform reliably for years to come.

After your build is complete, your new lifestyle is waiting — and we’ll hand you the keys to your custom Land Rover Defender (and a new way of looking at your life). We even throw in the smiles — and a sense of adventure — for free.


Design & Spec Options:

At Rover Republic, we build the coolest experience on four wheels. Here’s just the beginning of what we can do with your custom Defender:

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Engine upgrades

Suspension kits

Upgraded braking


Thermal insulation


Line-X Body Armour

Wheels and body styling

Wheel arching

Skid plates

Safety device roll cages

Front grille & light updates

Sport side air intakes

Wind & rain deflectors

Lockable fuel cap

Convertible soft tops

Safari snorkels

Elevated roofs


Leather steering wheels

Custom-made center consoles

Navigation & multimedia systems

Entertainment systems

Rear-view cameras

Blind spot monitoring system

Parking sensors

Focal surround speakers

Luxury seating

Air conditioning system

All-weather mats

Roof consoles

LED light upgrade kits

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