Custom LAnd Rover Defenders | Reborn in the USA | Driven Worldwide | EST. 2017

We’re a republic of explorers, adventurers, and seekers. A community of rebels, outlaws, and rule-breakers. A collective of drivers and craftsmen dedicated to living a bigger life.

We’re Rover Republic.
Welcome to the lifestyle.

About Us

What we do

We reimagine and reinvent the Land Rover Defender, giving you the most meticulously built, unstoppable, iconic experience one can have on 4 wheels. Guided by the unique sense of adventure that only a Defender can inspire, we give you more than a custom car — we give you a new way to experience life.

Start Your Ride

Want a custom Land Rover Defender? Here’s a look inside our process:

More About the Process

Together, we decide on the LOOK and FEEL of your Defender.

Start the build at our Dallas, TX warehouse.

Customize your Defender — you name it, we can do it.

Hand over the keys to your new adventure.

Electric Land Rover Defenders

Whether you’re ready to build a custom Defender from the ground-up or you’d like to learn more about EV conversion on your existing Defender, we have you covered.


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