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Frequently asked questions about building a custom Defender:

Every custom Defender build is different. However, we average 12-14 months for a fully custom build from start to finish.

We’d love to welcome you into our Dallas shop! You can make an appointment to come see any Defenders we have in person, and you can find us at 2671 Myrtle Springs Avenue, Dallas, TX. Not local to Dallas? No problem — we can send you a lookbook upon request.

At Rover Republic, we can always promise you this: that you’ll end up with an expertly engineered and crafted piece of machinery that will last a lifetime, that you’ll work with a team of Defender loyalists determined to give you the right experience at the right price, and that you’ll uncover a new sense of adventure every time you hear the rumble of that Defender engine. As longtime specialists in the restoration, sales, and customization of Land Rover Defenders, we’re the team you want. 

Take a look at our custom build process here.

Yes, we do. To import these iconic vehicles, each vehicle must meet our specific standards and very strict requirements established by US Customs. We are constantly on the lookout for Rovers that qualify with our own and US Customs standards, and maintain an inventory of 8 to 12 Defenders to ensure that we can begin working on your restoration or customization project immediately.

While we do not offer in-house financing for your custom Land Rover Defender, we have recommendations for a number of providers that offer financing options to make your Defender dreams a reality. Just fill out the contact form above, and we’ll send you over a list of recommended providers.

Absolutely! We sell, build, and ship custom Defenders to customers all over the world. No matter where you are, we can design and prepare the Defender of your dreams — and then provide full Land Rover export, shipping, and importation services.

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